Non Poaching Agreement India Sample

As I said before, in order to give concrete advice, I will have to take into account the agreement. If an agreement is not complied with, the worker is responsible for the breach of contract for which appropriate corrective measures may be requested. An agreement on non-poaching imposes guidelines to follow when hiring. It is important to ensure that the agreement does not directly prohibit side tenancy. To see the validity of the non-poaching agreement, I must consult the agreement and consider it in accordance with the provisions of the Contract and Competition Act. To be a valid contract, both the restricted party and the protected party, as well as two witnesses, must formally sign this agreement and execute it on a valid stamp document, as stipulated in the respective laws of the state. If these employees later join direct competitors, this can result in significant economic losses for the former employer. A non-poaching agreement therefore imposes guidelines to be followed during the lateral shutdown. 3. So forget about poaching and do your job with all the sincerity. The agreement can be used in the initial phase or during or at the time of termination of the business relationship.

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