Which Of The Following Is True Of A Union Shop Agreement While Hiring An Employee

In the event of dismissal of the worker who gave a written obligation to voluntarily repay the claims but refused to repair the damage, unpaid claims can be claimed in court. In the event of unsanitary conditions or death of the worker as a result of an accident at work or occupational illness, the worker (his family) must pay the loss of earnings (income) as well as the additional medical and vocational rehabilitation costs related to the health injury or the corresponding costs related to the death of the worker. At the worker`s written request, the employer provides the worker, no later than three days after the application is filed, copies of the contract-related documents (copy of the contract, copy of the employment reassignment orders, copy of the registration order; Excerpts from the workbook, salary records, employer working time, etc.) outside. Copies of documents related to the activity are duly checked and issued free of charge to the worker. It is not permissible to refuse women to enter into an employment contract because of their pregnancy or the presence of children. With the agreement of a parent (guardian, trustee) and an organizing organization, an employment contract may be entered into with a student who has reached the age of 14 for light work that must not be harmful to health and must not be harmful to the study process with a student who has reached the age of 14. When a decision is made on the reduction of staff or the number of employees and the possible termination of employment contracts with workers, the employer must, in accordance with Article 81, paragraph 2, of this code, inform in writing the elected trade union authority of this decision no later than two months before the start of the corresponding measures, and whether the decision to reduce the number of employees may result in a collective dismissal of the workers. , at least three months before the start of the corresponding measures. The criteria for collective dismissal are defined in industrial and (or territorial) agreements. If a trial period is completed and an employee continues to operate, the results of a trial period are considered positive and termination of an employment contract is only possible for general reasons.