C-Litter eleven years

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04-04-2014 at our C-litter became eleven years.

It was a litter of six pups, three dogs and three bitches.

Unfortunately, there are three deceased need for speed world. Namely CH. Cara Cajoum, Ch. Chiara an Chiffar.

Precisely on this birthday we remember with pain in our hearts to them.

But we are again delighted that Cemal, CH app fotos herunterladen. Celine and CH. Chardisha still among us.

We hope they will be with us for many years


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On 03-04-2014 there was a gentleman with a large bag, and many papers.

He came to us in the sand kennel and we thought, nice guy he wants to play with us download windows live mail for free.

Well he wanted to do something different with us.

We were all taken on the arm of our human mum.

That gentleman poked us between the shoulder scroll down herunterladen.

A chip implanted in us, but it did not hurt.

Now we have a name and a chip number.

J-Litter is seven weeks

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on 01-04-2014 we are  seven weeks old.

Parents CH. Waru-Shah’s Basheer x JCH. Hayat El~Shariat.

We have gained many new experiences slideshare downloaden.

We are outside during the day in the sand kennel.

It’s great fun.

In the evening we come in and we can run through the whole living room and play bau simulator herunterladen.

When we are tired we go to sleep.

Puppy Party

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On 30-03-2014 they have here a puppy party organized for us.

There was also a real judge who judged us.

He found it very difficult, because we are all really nice herunterladen.

At once we all got a leash and we went outside for photos.

Most of us now have a new owner, where we are going to live in a few weeks

Exciting what that will bring www.whatsapp for free.

One male and one female still looking for a new home.

First vaccination

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On 26-03-2014 we get our first vaccination.

That was the day we drove for the first time in the car.

What a lot of new experiences in a day pdf automatisch herunterladen.

We all got a prick of a gentleman who was quite nice.

Fortunately it did not hurt.

Ryanne and Hugo  were along to help.

We have seen many dogs, who were all dear to us whatsapp herunterladen anleitung.

When we got home we were very tired from all the new impressions

J-Litter six weeks old

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Parents are Ch Waru-Shah’s Basheer and JCh Hayat El~Shariat

Today, 25-03-2013, we are six weeks old.

The weather is beautiful and  during the day we are outside in the sand kennel vm von esxi herunterladen.

We can enjoy playing there and when we are tired, we sleep in the little house.

At night it is cold and we are than in the living room.

There is an indoor kennel where we can play and sleep zoom meeting app herunterladen.

Until now, life is one big party

J-Litter five weeks old

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Parents are Ch Waru-Shah’s Basheer and JCh Hayat El~Shariat

Today, 18-03-2013, we are five weeks old.

We got our second cure worms.

Ugh what is that dirty Download video with ton.

With nice weather we play outside in the sand kennel.

With bad weather we play in the kennel in the house.

Mom still wants to come with us to give us milk musik downloaden legal und kostenlos.

We love her.

13-03-2014 Our F-Litter 7 years

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our F-litter has their seventh birthday celebrated on 13-03-2014

We hope Fahiem, Fatin, Fourad, Fades, Falak en Farah Fee

enjoy their life for may for years

CH die sims 3 sunlit tides kostenlosen. Fourad El ~ Shariat congratulates his siblings

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J-Litter four weeks old

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11-03-2014 Our J-Litter is already four weeks old

Parents are Ch Waru-Shah’s Basheer and JCh Hayat El~Shariat

We have already got teeth, which is quite a bit hurt

We get a lot of visitors who come to admire us

Each day we  are going outside in a beautiful sand kennel

There are many toys that we can play with


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